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Year 1999 was the focal year in the Fragile storyline with all the major events eventually taking place in the year. The year is probably one of the most dark years concerning both the history and reputation of Mercy Falls that lead to the evacuation process, abandoning Mercy Falls once and for all with series of deaths and paranormal events leaving the remaining administration and patients at Mercy Fall terror struck. Year 1999 was also a tragic year for the Isle of Wight in light of the Train Crash tragedy. Above all, the revelation of the mechanical girl was a major turning point among rest of the events.

Notable Events
  • Susan and Roy died in the year, Susan's car skidded off the road while Roy got murdered by the mechanical girl.
  • Mercy Falls was entirely evacuated keeping in view the chaos caused by the mechanical girl, eventualling killing Maggie Reynolds and severely injuring Matt and Amy Nicholls.
  • Amy Nicholls was appointed as the new night nurse by Dr. Folder.
  • Amy Nicholls uncovered the revelation behind the urban legend of the mechanical girl.
  • Susan got his femur double fractured by the mechanical girl, forcing him to be relocated to London.
  • Amy and Robert Kerry examined the film reel, bringing an end to the urban legend.
  • The Sleeping Beauty was projected by Roy for the children, which was then played in the playroom.
  • The Psychics were visited by both Amy Nicholls and late Susan, seeking spiritual assistance in light of the paranormal events taking place at the hospital.
  • The Train Crash took place, killing 10 people and injuring 35, the incident is recorded as one of the most tragic accidents in the history of the Isle of Wight.