Year 1959 is assumed as a gloom ridden year in the history of Mercy Falls, altering it's fate, that haunted Mercy Falls till the it's closure and the evacuation that was held in the year, 1999. Events escalated in such a horrorified manner that the administration was at a point to immediately shutdown the entire hospital, however, these plans were later cancelled but the ghost of these events went to cause destructiveness in the succeeding years to the point of the evacuation which brought an end to the legacy of the hospital.

Notable Events

  • The inquiry commite discovered that Charlotte Rivers provoked Mandy Phillip's fracturing which lead her to suffocate Mandy, wear her metal frame and commit suicide by falling in the lift shaft which gave rise to a mega uproar, at a point the staff were considering the closure of the hospital but instead, the 2nd floor was abandoned and closed, giving birth to the legend of the mechanical girl.
  • Mandy Phillip's disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta was also documented prior to her murder.
  • Dr. Folder was appointed as a nurse.
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