The Train Crash
Incident Report
Crash Site

Near Mercy Falls, Isle of Wight.



Death Toll

10 (with a possible increase)

No. of Casualties




The Train Crash is an incident that occurred in the year 1999, in the Isle of Wight. The crash took place under undisclosed circumstances and the principal cause behind the failure was never revealed. Ironically, the crash betided near Mercy Falls, a local hospital. The crash caused uproar and inconvenience among the locals, primarily the management of Mercy Falls, who were about to relocate the remaining children to St. James Hospital in the central island but as events escalated, St. James Hospital ran out of beds due to the surge in the crash casualties, this eventuated the children to temporarily bide in Mercy Falls. Moreover, a report demonstrated that the train couldn't have hit obstruction on the tracks and theorized that no other rational explanations fit the scenario but it later was concluded that the crash was caused due to a human error, the reason being unknown. Furthermore, an official report claimed that the number of victims was as high as 35 (speculated to increase), while the majority was speculate to be tourists and the death toll was rumored to be 10 in accordance to the report.

Events at Mercy FallsEdit

In the same year, Amy Nicholls went on to find the culprit behind the bizarre events that were taking place in Mercy Falls and after viewing a bygone footage, with Kerry Robert, the story of Charlotte Rivers and Mandy Phillips was disclosed, leaving them in a state of perplexity and it was derived that the spirit of Charlotte Rivers caused the train crash to delay/obstruct the relocation of children due to her obsessed nature with ailing patients (children). However, the events were never publicized and the revelation remained concealed to the world.


  • The news footage of the crash was first seen on a T.V in Susan's room, when she was performing her last night duty.
  • The story of the crash and delay was conveyed to Amy by Roy, who was driving her to Mercy Falls from the island port.
  • The death of the engineer in the crash also caused the public to speculate bizarre causes.
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