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The Psychics are prominent dual characters in Fragile, portrayed by Freda Dowie and Matyelok Gibbs. The Psychics contributed to the density of the storyline and subsequently became the basis of the events that described the culmination, moreover, shedding light on the elucidation of the complexity.

History Edit

The Psychics ran a non-profit institute in the Isle of Wight to assist people in the matter of the paranormal and things that can't be perceived by the usual eye. Such was the case of Susan, who presented her complications regarding the paranormal events that took place at Mercy Falls, due their fear, it was derived that something from the other world indeed, does exist in the hospital for the sole purpose of extreme obsession. Moreover, that Susan has glimpsed into the other world, an indication and omen of death. Ironically, Susan passed a way a few days later. Later on, Father Tom apprised Amy Nicholls about Susan's meet with the psychics as Amy went to discuss the subject with the psychics and came to know about the revelation they had conveyed to Susan. The psychics are then seen in the end, attending Amy's recovery post the hospital fiasco, explaining to Amy to let go off the events that took place and move ahead in life as something are better remain concealed and inexplicable to conscious.

Trivia Edit

  • It is assumed that the psychics run an institute for special children in the same building, as Adam, an autistic child, is seen in a sequence with Amy and the psychics.
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