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Film Reel


Mercy Falls Administration

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Possibly Mercy Falls



The Film Reel is an object appearing in Fragile. The film reel features a film that was documented on a rare disease, Osteogenesis Imperfecta possessed by Mandy Phillps in the year 1959 by the doctors involved in this research. The film includes footage of the relatively primitive treatment that was performed on Mandy Phillips along with the symptoms including agitation and tantrum, with the implementation of metal frame on Mandy Phillips, the film eventually included Charlotte Rivers in bits and pieces. However, the film reel was then abandoned in a cabinet along with the photograph on the 2nd floor until it was discovered by Amy Nicholls in the year 1999 and then examined by Robert Kerry and Amy, leading to the revelation of the story behind the urban legend of the Mechanical Girl, the film featured the serial code of Mandy Phillips file, that further helped the duo in uncovering the mystery.

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