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The Blocks
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Mandy Phillips

Current Whereabouts

Playroom, Mercy Falls.



The Blocks are an object appearing in Fragile. The Blocks were specifically toy materials that were played with by the children in the playroom at Mercy Falls, most notably Maggie Reynolds. Maggie Reynolds described the blocks as a source of communication, puzzling everyone. Some of the bizarre occurrences relating the blocks include random scattering of the blocks around the playroom and paranormal rearrangement of the blocks to form the words Don't touch, not yours or mine. One of the horrified incidents concerning the rearrangement of the blocks include the sighting of the words mine by Amy Nicholls on her first night shift and the murder of Roy, while he was keeping the blocks back in the box but strangely, the blocks rearranged themselves to form the message, followed by the appearance of the mechanical girl and Roy's death. However, it was later revealed in the footage that the blocks were owned by Mandy Phillips, a major cause behind it's paranormal nature, keeping in view the owner, Charlotte Rivers' ghost agitated upon the touch of anyone else, eventually causing harm to them. Helen Perez also got annoyed cleaning up the scattered blocks around the place and often used to scold Maggie.