The 2nd Floor
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The 2nd Floor is a location appearing in Fragile, situated in the Mercy Falls, Isle of Wight.

History Edit

In the year 1959, the 2nd floor was specifically used in the treatment of Mandy Phillips with all her belongings and personal possessions, including the film reel and the photograph that was later found by Amy Nicholls. The 2nd Floor was shutdown in the year, 1959, when Charlotte Rivers suffocated Mandy and committed suicide by falling in the life shaft, years later, the floor became an abode for the spirit of Charlotte Rivers, haunting specific patients that possess the ability to sight her. In the year 1999, the elevator containing Amy and Simon malfunctioned and moved to the 2nd floor for a short span of time, the explanation being an indication from the spirit towards its' existence. Patients/Staff would often hear inexplicable screams/voices sourcing from the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor was sneaked into by Amy Nicholls and Maggie Reynolds through a secret passage, recovering the photograph and film reel and closely escaping the mechanical girl until their second accidental visit when Maggie Reynolds lost her life in the escape attempt along with Amy severely injuring herself. The floor was then entirely destructed with the spirit abandoning it to migrate to the other world.

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