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Mercy Falls (unknown-1999)


Night Nurse

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The Other World

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Dark brown

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Susan is a key character appearing in Fragile, she is portrayed by Susie Trayling. Susan's character revolves around complexity and pandemonium, Susan's revelation is the basis of the ongoing events of horror in Mercy Falls, her story is incongruous and of surrealism.

Background Edit

Susan became the night nurse sometime prior to the year, 1999 when she befriended Maggie Reynolds and entered into a oblivion of horror. Maggie claimed to have sighted a special girl named Charlotte or more commonly known as the mechanical girl. Over the time, Charlotte also glimpsed the spirit and went on to experience inexplicable anxiety. On the night of the Train Crash, Maggie warned Susan that the mechanical girl is agitated due to the talk of the relocation and may be up to something, however, a feared Susan dismisses Maggie. Later that night, Simon went on to bear two inexplicable fractures which baffled Susan and Robert Kerry, however Robert solaced Susan but she left the staff the very next day.

Death Edit

Post abandoning her post, she went to look for a special kind of help, that of the psychics and came to know about the revelation that she was nearing to Other World, within a few days, Susan died when her car skidded off the road. Amy Nicholls, the new night nurse, was dealing with the same fate and wanted to meet Susan when Father Tom apprised her that Susan has passed away while Susan's mother mourned her daughter's death. Amy informed the rest at the hospital but her claim about the death cause was dismissed by Dr. Folder, who was writing a letter of condolence to the late's family. Susan's death become a central point in the disclosing and revelation of the events that took place in the hospital.

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