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Lung case and later double fractured his femur.



Portrayed by

Lloyd F. Booth Shankley



Simon is an eminent character in Fragile, portrayed by Lloyd F. Booth Shankley. Initially, Simon's character stood out as eccentric, eventually, enchaining the depth of suspense in the beginning of the story itself, further adding intensity to the horror events.


Simon was admitted at Mercy Falls in the year 1996 due to a severe lung condition and stayed on until 1999 when events escalated, forcing Simon to be relocated. Over the time, he came to know about an urban legend of the name,mechanical girl, from her hospital mate, Maggie Reynolds. On the night of the Train Crash, Simon fractured his femur, the cause being unknown to his conscious, leaving the rest to be baffled, when Robert Kerry was conducting an x-ray, Simon fractured his femur once again, puzzling the rest of the staff, forcing them to relocate Simon to London to study the cause of these instant fractures. However, some of the children were aware of the culprit, who was none other than the mechanical girl. Two days later, Amy Nicholls escorted Simon to the hospital grounds to reach the helicopter when the duo got stuck in the elevator which malfunctioned and moved itself to the 3rd floor, to the fear of both, Simon spoke that the mechanical girl won't let him leave, however, after a span of few minutes, the elevator malfunctioned once again and fortunately, reached the ground floor, to their luck, none was harmed and Simon left for London. Post his departure, Amy Nicholls went to seek questions regarding his inexplicable fractures. On a night, a mysterious entity was sighted breathing heavy under the bed sheet where Simon slept, frightening both Amy and Maggie.


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