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Mercy Falls (prior to 1970s-1999)


Operations Manager

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Deceased (murdered by Charlotte Rivers in the year, 1999)

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Nearly bald

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Roy is a pivotal character appearing in Fragile, he is played by Colin McFarlane. Roy is based on a supportive and informant character, more like an acolyte, succoring the protagonist throughout his performance in the story.


Roy was employed as the operations manager in Mercy Falls prior to 1970s and thus is considered as a senior officer in the hospital, having known about the bizarre incidents that took place in the hospital in relation to the urban legend of the mechanical girl. One of the deceased patients that were known to Roy were namely, Evelyn Thomas and Marvin Jones. Moreover, Roy brushed off any authenticity in the legend and termed the events as a matter of coincidence.

Events of 1999Edit

Roy received the newly appointed night nurse, Amy Nicholls from the Island Port, and notified her of the recent changes in the hospital. Post receiving her, he bought a film reel featuring the Sleeping Beauty from a guy in Manchester. The very next morning, Roy solaced Amy that the urban legend is not worth attention and bears no authenticity. However, he was left horrified when the elevator (consisting Amy and Simon) malfunctioned and moved to the 2nd floor. Post the incident, Roy projected the Sleeping Beauty in the playroom and then assisted Amy in finding out the documents relating to the past children that claimed to have either sighted or befriended the mechanical girl, all of them eventually turning out to be deceased. Later that day, Roy while cleaning up the messed up blocks in the playroom met his untimely demise when the blocks on his touch rearranged themselves to form the words Don't touch, not yours, followed by the appearance of the mechanical girl, paranormaly breaking Roy's arm and pushing him from the window.


Roy's death blazed an uproar in the hospital which lead to Amy to uncover the truth behind the mysterious events. Roy's dead body was then recovered by St. James Hospital.

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