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Dr. Robert Kerry is a principal character in Fragile, portrayed by Richard Roxburgh. Dr. Robert possess a key role in the movie and is an illustration of how beliefs can be altered in light of inexplicable paranormal events, overall, Richard Roxburgh was critically praised for his performance as Dr. Robert Kerry.

History Edit

Dr. Robert Kerry was the senior pediatrician at Mercy Falls, in the night shift. Dr. Robert Kerry along with the then night nurse, Susan experienced several inexplicable activities but due to the bizarre concept of the events, Robert dismissed the paranormality, however, Robert was still curious about the ongoing events. On the night of the Train Crash, when Simon inexplicably fractured his leg, Robert expressed his concerns about the strange turn of events, he solaced Susan but when the duo conducted a second x-ray, Simon instantly got his leg fractured again, baffling everyone.

1999 and Amy Nicholls Edit

Amy Nicholls, the newly appointed nurse, joined the night team but experienced nights of horrors including screams, bizarre sightings and the elevator incident that baffled everyone. Robert was skeptic of the events and each time, solaced Amy that she's overprotecting the kids due to a mistake committed by her in the past along with the fact that Maggie's urban legend or claim doesn't bear any truth. Over the time, Robert himself became inclined towards the belief that such paranormal events bear authenticity but still no explication. Moreover, when he was questioned by Amy about the Simon incident, Robert went unanswerable and apprehended that Susan left the job because she was afraid of the events taking place. Amy after fetching the photograph of Mandy and Charlotte from the 2nd floor, searched the documents with Robert regarding any previous patient named Charlotte but the search went futile. However, after viewing Mandy's film reel, he was partially convinced that the ghost maybe of Mandy Phillips (misconceiving her name with Charlotte), he also explained the nature of the disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) that was documented in the reel. Upon examining the film reel, he discovered a serial code '209' on the file, he researched the documents and found that the girl in the film reel was Mandy Phillips and not Charlotte, thus, the revelation behind Charlotte's hideous crime was revealed. The duo then began the evacuation process. However, when Amy carried Maggie's dead body after the 2nd floor escape, she fainted and spoke that she'll die prior completely losing her conscious. Though Amy lost her pulse despite the electric shocks given by Robert, she recovered with the kiss of love given by the spirit of Maggie, seen to none. Robert is then seen accompanying Amy in St. James Hospital after the hospital fiasco, explaining to Amy, of how important was the relationship between the two (Maggie and Amy) and how Amy remained loyal to her care till the end.

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