Mr. Sleepy
Object Information



Maggie Reynolds

Current Whereabouts

Possibly Mercy Falls



Mr. Sleepy is an object appearing in the Fragile, primarily Mr. Sleepy became an integral cause leading to the death of Maggie Reynolds. Mr. Sleepy was the name of a blanket owned by Maggie Reynolds, the name was titled by Amy Nicholls while telling Maggie about a similar blanket from her past named Mr. Sleepy. Moreover, Maggie tend to always hold on to her blanket, however, this blanket was unintentionally left on the 2nd floor during Amy and Maggie's visit, during the evacuation Maggie abandoned the rest and headed to the 2nd floor to recover her blanket but was rather trapped by the mechanical girl, Amy Nicholls later came to the scene and the duo fled the floor but the collapsing of the floor, lead to the death of Maggie.

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