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Matt is a side character appearing in Fragile, he is portrayed by Daniel Ortiz. Matt is seen as a negligent and lax nurse but displays audacity in the culmination, contributing to the temerity of the remaining survivors and deceased.


Matt was employed as the male night nurse at Mercy Falls, prior to the year, 1999. However, like the lot of the staff, Matt tend to ignore all the paranormal happenings in the institution, most likely due to the fact that he had a pair of hands free and metal music playing in his ears, making him unaware of any audible bizarre activity. Prior to Susan's departure, he is seen taking Simon to the x-ray room along with Robert Kerry and Susan.

Events of the year, 1999Edit

Post the appointment of Amy Nicholls, she experiences bizarre activities on her first night, when she cried out to Matt, she got no answer. However, Amy went downstairs and caught Matt listening to metal music once again, a feared and terror struck Amy was then solaced by Matt that the pipes in the building may cause bizarre sounds, however, this was just a coverup to pretend that things are normal, he's then seen again watching over the kids when Amy got frightened after a horrified sighting of the mechanical girl in the dormitory. During the evacuation, Matt is seen preparing to leave along with the kids,he then heads to the basement to get a portable unit for Richard, he is then assaulted by the mechanical girl and is injured with severe fractures but the St. James Hospitals' evacuation team recovers him alive.

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