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Mandy Phillips
Biographical information



Mercy Falls



Current Wherabouts

Deceased (murdered by Charlotte Rivers in the year, 1959)

Current Location

The Other World

Physical Appearance
Eye Color

Dark brown

Hair Color

Dark brown

Chronological Appearance


Mandy Phillips is a central character appearing in Fragile. She is portrayed by Ivana Baquero. Mandy Phillips's character is lived with oblivious perplexity, dwelling with the evidence of it's existence itself, eventuating the principal objective in the Fragile saga.

History, 1959[]

Mandy Phillips, dates back to 1959, when she was admitted in Mercy Falls for the diagnosis of osteogenesis imperfecta, brittle bone disease, which altered human behavior causing tantrum and agitation with painful primitive treatments. She was brought under the case of nurse, Charlotte Rivers, who developed an abnormal obsession with Mandy. As days past, Mandy's bones were becoming extremely fragile and prone to fractures, however, it was later found out that Charlotte was inflicting this torture on Mandy, causing the fractures to obstruct any relocation of the patient. During the turning of events, Charlotte suffocated Mandy, put on Mandy's metal frame and committed suicide by falling in the lift shaft from the 2nd Floor (where Mandy was admitted).

Legend of the Mechanical Girl[]

Over the years, the spirit of Charlotte Rivers haunted specific children in the hospital, causing them to leave the world, eventually. Initially, Mandy Phillips was considered as the sadistic spirit due to the undisclosed story behind her murder. However, Amy Nicholls the nascent night nurse, uncovered the truth after discovering a film reel and a photograph of Mandy and Charlotte back from the 1950s, The film reel was examined by Amy and Dr. Robert Kerry, who described the fatal condition of Mandy in the film. The duo then tried to discover any files named after Charlotte, however, it was later revealed that the girl in the film reel was Mandy and the sadistic nurse was Charlotte. Later on, an earth shattering revelation from Dr. Folder cemented the fact that the spirit of Mandy Phillips never existed and the spirit with metal frame, causing all the deaths and havoc was indeed, Charlotte Rivers. Moreover, Kerry Robert discovered the file 209 in the film, that helped him recovering all the documents related to Mandy Phillips, with 209 being her official document number.