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Isle of Wight
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The Isle of Wight is the largest offshore island in England, as well as one of the country's counties. The island's chief industry is tourism and is known for its historical and archaeological sites since Victorian times. The events of the movie Fragile, occur in the Isle of Wight. Mercy Falls, St. James Hospital, Ryde and Cowes are some well known locations in the movie, situated in the island. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's manor known as Osborne, is also on the north of the Isle of Wight. The enchantment of the island inspired some notable personalities such Alfred Lord Tennyson, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll and John Keats. Ancient Burial Grounds also grab the attraction of some visitors, these grounds include Longstone and prehistoric tombs near Mottistone in West Wight. Recent discoveries have uncovered several dinosaur remains in the cliffs and on the beaches around the Island's coast. The train crash in the year 1999, was the biggest tragedy in the history of the island.

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