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Helen Perez
Biographical information



Mercy Falls (unknown-1999)


Morning Nurse

Current Wherabouts


Current Location

Possibly England

Physical Appearance
Eye Color


Hair Color

Brown – Dark

Chronological Appearance


Helen Perez is a side character appearing in Fragile, she is portrayed by Elena Anaya. Helen is described as a feared and disturbed nurse, fed up of her usual complications but eventually pulls herself together and assists in the need of time.


Helen Perez was a Spanish and hailed from Madrid. Not much is known about her past but she migrated to the Isle of Wight and got employed in Mercy Falls as the morning nurse. She once briefed that she got stuck in a life once with her mother.

Turning of EventsEdit

Helen Perez was appointed at the time of Susan but when she departed due to the paranormal events, Helen was joined by Amy Nicholls, the new night nurse. Helen on their first meet, introduced Amy to the children, their files and minor revelation regarding their behavior. She also advised Amy to keep a considerable distance from Maggie Reynolds due to her bizarre talks regarding the Mechanical Girl. Helen possessed annoyance with respect to Maggie due to the fact that Maggie acted more of an odd ball compared to others. Helen also described of being fed up cleaning blocks around the playroom, unknown to her unknown, this was caused by the mechanical girl. Similar to others, she was struck with terror during the elevator incident and mourned the death of Susan. Post Roy’s death, she was admonished by Amy to not pretend to ignore the paranormal activities. On the night of the evacuation, Helen assisted the children to get out of the hospital although she was obstructed by inexplicable events including the needle left in Jimmy’s nerve. She was baffled when Amy sneaked off to the 2nd floor and informed Amy about the situation with sorrow and regret. She is last seen standing beside Robert when he was struggling to recover Amy’s pulse.

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