Dr. Folder
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Mercy Falls (1959-1999)


Senior Nursing Officer

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Permanent Residence, Isle of Wight

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Dr. Folder is a chief character appearing in Fragile, she is portrayed by Gemma Jones. Dr. Folder is initially described as a stern, emotionless and bound to rules officer but soon breaks down due to the turning of events and turns out to be nifty in the climax.

History Edit

Dr. Folder was appointed as a nurse in the year, 1959 at Mercy Falls. The events that escalated between Charlotte Rivers and Mandy Phillips were witnessed by Dr. Folder, of what she describes as a horrifying tale of reality. She also claimed that the management was about to close the hospital but eventually the 2nd floor was locked down and the incident was forgotten. Over the years, Dr. Folder perceived that the paranormal events revolving around the urban legend of the mechanical girl was rather a coincidence, however, it is assumed that Folder never revealed the events due to fear and absurd beliefs in the tale. Sometime in the past, she was designated as the senior nursing officer. She lived by the beach, in the Isle of Wight and is considered to be a native.

Events of the year, 1999 Edit

Soon after Susan's departure, Dr. Folder employed Amy Nicholls to fill in the night shift, however, she was skeptic keeping in view Amy's past mistakes. Moreover, she introduced Amy to her duties and also informed her about the abandonment of the 2nd floor. As paranormal events escalated with the uproar of Susan and Roy's death, Folder dismissed Amy and her measures regarding the events and insisted that she made a mistake by hiring her and to let go off Maggie Reynolds' stories.. Further, when these events were pushed to the limit, Amy began the evacuation process in the hospital and drove down to Folder's house by the beach to get her notified of the events and to urgently call St. James Hospital for emergency evacuation. During the drive to the hospital, Folder expressed her regret and apprised Amy of the events that took place in 1959. She is last seen informing Amy that she's unable to find Maggie Reynolds, who sneaked off to the second floor. It's assumed that she quit her job as the senior nursing officer and continued to live a domestic life in her residence.

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